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Circle Gx Care Services provide solutions to support your day-to-day network operations including remote and onsite technical support, software maintenance, and a variety of hardware servicing options. We help you get the most from your investment by reducing network issues, maximizing reliability and performance, and extending the operational life of your equipment. Our teams rally around our customers and provide you with the reassurance that your questions and network issues are addressed quickly and efficiently. As a trusted partner, Circle Gx differentiates from others through a deep level of technical expertise and understanding of service provider networks. We translate our comprehensive support capabilities into quantifiable savings in every service. Service agreements can be tailored to your specific business needs by selecting from the comprehensive set of options.

  • Mobile Data Services

  • MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler)

  • MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator)

  • Optimized Virtual Network Services

  • Global User Connectivity Services (Roaming)

  • Targeted Services: vEPC, VPN, UC, Security, etc.

  • ISP (wholesale and retail)

  • Gap or Performance Coverage: via WiFi and Small / Micro / Pico Cells

  • IoT Connectivity: Connected Devices / Smart Cities / Smart Buildings / Fleet Services

  • Commerce Solutions
    Mobile Commerce

  • Mobile Money

  • Digital Commerce

  • Tourist Marketing and Commerce

  • Online Payments

  • Customer Data & Trends