Circle Gx

The future of broadband connectivity


Circle Gx brings next generation wireless networks to the market with assured connectivity, quality, performance, and value. By building our innovative federated network and expanding solution offerings, we are revolutionizing the means for businesses, carriers, and institutions to achieve success with their mission-critical and otherwise problematic wireless-dependent solutions.

Circle Gx is based out of the telecom corridor in Plano, TX, and is led by several entrepreneurs with extensive experience in advanced telecommunications solutions.


Wireless Network Solution

Circle Gx is a Mobile Virtual Multi-Network Operator (MVMNO) offering a broadband intelligent connectivity experience which ensures superior connectivity, application-specific optimization, and assured transport of data. Utilizing next-generation virtual networking technologies to enable informed interactions with applications that rely on the network, Circle Gx provides unprecedented quality, performance, and flexibility for data transport. The Circle Gx network constantly monitors and analyzes multiple aspects of performance and quality, and then applies analytical learning to the programmable network ensuring the most ideal network experience is presented to each specific application and user.


Mobile Payment Solution

By collaborating with businesses and local authority agencies, Circle Gx offers a secure mobile payment system for visitors to small economies such as island states and territories. This allows for a safer and more secure tourism economy by increasing visitor confidence in conducting business.



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